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Welcome to Mercure Management and Audit

Mercure Management and Audit – an international consulting firm established and based in Belgium. We specialize in audits and insurance. Also, we have a great team of investment auditors, spatializing on stock markets, currency markets, and crypto markets. Our goal is a strong team of a mix of locals and international expats. You will receive the best advice from qualified advisors with years of experience.

If you look for a second opinion, we are the best solution for you. We are absolutely independent and client-oriented company. We are globally following our clients and opening new markets and opportunities.

Being independent allows us to recommend the best investment solutions to our client’s individual situations. Solutions are only offered after we have discussed our client’s requirements in detail and agreed on the best course of action forward.

If you need any local specialist advice, we work with the best professionals and will bring them on board if necessary.

With our mixed team of professionals, we understand the requirements of those who need regular and urgent assistance. We deal with providers and worldwide authorities on your behalf. Giving you peace of mind.

Mercure Management and Audit is registered with CBE PUBLIC REGISTER (#Enterprise number: 0662.773.086) which qualifies us to contract with all major Belgium and Global insurance companies and hedge funds and guaranty the honest and equitable treatment of financial consumers and the integrity of the financial markets. All client data is stored with EU and Global private security protocols. Mercure Management and Audit is also an official member of the Insurance Institute of Belgium.